I recently found a minor bug (or missing feature if you like) in the flagship product of a global enterprise. This was a really small detail and I could have implemented a work-a-round with reasonable effort. As it wasn’t really urgent to get fixed, I thought trying out their customer support first.

Here is the timeline of my ticket:

  • Oct 16, 16:26 – I created a (low priority) support ticket.
  • Oct 17, 06:46 – We are escalating to product team.
  • Oct 17, 15:30 – Here is a work-a-round for the issue.
  • Oct 18, 08:59 – Your feature request has been implemented and is in production.
  • Oct 18, 09:35 – I replied “Thank you” and closed the ticket.

At first my thought was everything went “ok” and I did move to next task at hand. After giving this another thought I realized what just happened. I did get feature (yes, small but still a feature) implemented for global enterprise’s service in less than 48h from contacting the first line of support.

Pretty agile product management and customer service, don’t you think?